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Toni Sarrión

Toni Sarrión
Toni Sarrión is responsible and creator of Mustiguillo. He practices 100% organic viticulture, aware of the value of keeping the flora and fauna of the estate.

Combines old Bobal vines (bush trained, strictly not irrigated), with the most modern techniques of cultivation, line trained vines and canopy monitoring.

"Sometimes I have the feeling that the vineyard are aware that I look at them often”

Toni Sarrión's story is not the typical one of a winemaker. Raised in an atmosphere of continuous work instilled by his father, Toni graduated in Business Management and Administration, working in different sectors over a dozen years (banking, porcelain table and road construction, ) until one day decided to leave everything and return to studying to his native Requena Oenology and  Viticulture school.

"Our family had vineyards for a long time, but no one before paid them the attention they deserved"