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Wine tourism

Wine tourism
Welcome to our home.
We invite you to share time and wine with us. We would like you could discover the essence of the weather, landscape and people of El Terrerazo, what we are. We want you to live the adventure and enjoy our wines in the same land where they hatch.

The estate of El Terrerazo is located at Valencia highlands. We practice natural winemaking and environmental friendly techniques.

We want you to relax and imagine the scene. You are strolling among the vineyards discovering different soil types and grape varieties. We want you to smell and feel the aromas that you will find in our wines.

Your first time with us will be a true revelation that you will never forget.
We offer the following possibilities:
- Guided tours around winery and the vineyard. (Approximately 1h30)
- Guided tastings of our wines.
- Facilities are fully equipped for business meetings.
For reservations or further information, please contact us at +34 962168260 - 669 818 315