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D.O.P. El Terrerazo

D.O.P. El Terrerazo
We count on 126,63 Has. around the winery, organized in one single plot. The average height of 850 meters, explains El Terrerazo´s a severe weather conditions: low rainfall regime, big night and day gap temperatures, creating the unique personality of the wines.
The D.O.P. (PDO) El Terrerazo was born in 17/09/2010, as published at the Official Journal of the GV. It describes all the practices that define the singularity of El Terrerazo recognizing us as Vino de Pago.


LOCATION: We are about 100 km away from the Mediterranean and also 100 km from Teruel, one of the coldest cities in Spain. At very lobby of La Mancha  but heavily influenced by the Mediterranean climate and landscape.
ALTITUDE: 800 to 824 mts.
SOIL TYPES: Surface:  sandy loam-clay with varying degrees depending on the plot and plenty of sedimentary material (pebbles and sand), mainly limestone.
Approximately 60-100 cm below limestone, a porous crust of dolomitic origin appears,   descending of the slopes of El Negrete,    providing a strong character to the wines.
Our CLIMATE can be described as Mediterranean with a strong influence of continental climate. The wind plays a very interesting roll:  Mild Mediterranean winds send us cool and wet during the night. La Mancha sends us very warm winds, drying the vines. In August and September we may enjoy of 20 to 25 degrees day-night temperature gradients.
ORIENTATION: The North-South Terrerazo is a gentle sloppy landscape surrounding the winery.
We like talking also about the vegetation surrounding the vineyards. Stroller can be found at the vineyard edge and also plenty of slopes herbs such as thyme, rosemary, burlap or fennel, which give our wines aromas.

Vines live with oak (ilex), Mediterranean pines, olive and almond trees.

The key element defining the PDO El Terrerazo is Bobal as a grape and the set of clonal selection and canopy management practices, all to obtain smaller and looser Bobal clusters.