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Bobal / Merseguera

Bobal / Merseguera
Bobal grape variety is autochthonous of the area Utiel (Valencia) and Manchuela.
Bobal main characters are its productivity (many big clusters) and its high levels of acidity and polyphenols. For many years, this made Bobal, ideal for the production of massive bulk wines (meant to back the color and acidity of some northern wines) and were exported via El Grau Port by tank or traveled to other wine regions of Spain.
We had to take a different path if we really wanted reaching a different place.
So we developed new methods and techniques for working with Bobal in the vineyards and at the cellar. We have assumed risks and went wrong several times... but we were right when decided travelling the hard way.
Merseguera is an almost disappeared grape varietal, typical of the Spanish Levant.
Very few hectares remain and its virtues have few recognition.
With a presence in the Valencian wine regions mostly at Alto Turia, being also in the Utiel-Requena and the Vinalopó Alicantino.  Very drought tolerant, long cycle, your cluster is medium size, not too compact and with round and yellowish-green berries.
Grapes produce low alcohol content (11-12 %) and a good balance ph-acidity.
We experimented for four years on the possibilities of Merseguera. We selected an old vineyard in which we implemented our working philosophy, crafting several micro-fermentations. What we learned, we brought it to our Calvestra estate, where we grafted Merseguera in 40 years old bobal root-stock,
At this estate, at more than 900 Mt, Meseguera shows its true possibilities, where the high mountain weather conditions, favors a slow ripening of the berries.